Snare drum in pad input

Hi there. In the below picture you can see my transcription in Dorico 4, with what I think is now called the Drum Pads at the bottom. My gripe is with the snare options.

  1. There is no option for ghost notes. I have previously created a ‘ghosts’ notehead, to which I can change from the default notehead, but that’s way longer than it could be with this new Pads system. A ‘Ghost notes’ pad would be ideal (they are more common than rims and cross sticks, imo).

  2. I would like to change the default notehead for cross sticks to an X notehead, thus avoiding manually changing each particular notehead from the circled notehead (I think the jury is still out on which is the official one but the option to change default notehead seems plausible anyway).

  3. The sound for ‘Rim’ is a rim shot. It should say Rim shot. If it’s a rim click/ just ‘rim’ (like hitting the rim, NOT a cross stick), then it should sound like that.

  4. The sound for ‘Cross stick’ is a natural tone…

  5. …and the sound for ‘Side stick’ is a cross stick. The term ‘Cross stick’ is widely recognised as the official term (more so than its notehead), so the appropriate sound should be given to the ‘Cross stick’ pad. It’s twice as confusing that the subtitles of ‘Side stick’ and ‘Cross stick’ are both available.

I’m brand new to Dorico 4 so apologies if this has been covered or is an update being released soon.
Many thanks,

To change a notehead for a technique, you would want to go into the Kit editor via the player tab in Setup.

Nice one @Derrek, thank you. Any thoughts on ghost notes? Trying to replicate the only upside Sibelius has on Dorico which is the notehead shortcuts.
Thanks, Keiran

Not sure about ghost notes as I have never used the Drum Pads.

You can certainly assign a key command (Preferences > Key Commands) to Edit > Toggle Round Brackets. Dorico will even playback a bracketed note as a ghost note.