Snare drum physical modeling snth VST published

We just published our first VST3SDK plugin: It’s a physical modeling real-time snare synthesis (a waveguide). You can excite a resonator via the in build MIDI exciter, or— in the Pro version—via an audio sidechain.


I hope it’s fine to post this here. We want to thank Arne and everyone else here for all the pointers and help we got in this forum (and on the github issue tracker) over the last months. (There is no “showcase” category, so I picked “off-topic” instead)
If anyone has comments or questions regarding the plugin, we would like to hear them.
The vector graphics in the UI are loaded as part of the embedded font. That includes the VST logo in the about screen.

We now have a demo video showing the sidechain features of the acoustic excitation.

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