Snare Drum Roll Notation

I have freaking looked everywhere LOL im so frazzled right now. Dorico is so easy to use but this one function is utterly impossible to find.

How do I put slashes through a notes stem on the snare line to show a snare roll? PLEASE tell me its easy.

It is easy! Please see the documentation.

Shift+R 3 Enter
(where 3 is the number of strokes)

Sometimes… its just too easy LOL

Thank Daniel ROCK ON!!!

Thank you

You can also bind the 3-stroke tremolo to a key directly. I have it bound to Ctrl+T since it’s so frequently used.

Thanks for this, it’s prompted me to add some indexterms relating to drum rolls and snare drums to the tremolos topic that Daniel linked to. They’ll be added when I next publish a documentation update.

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Could you send updated links for this thread? I would like to see the documentation mentioned but I think it’s been moved

The material on tremolos can be found here.

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I am trying to notate snare drags. When I input 2 64th notes before a quarter note to imply a drag before the hit, dorico gets confused. I have tried putting 64th note grace notes before the hit but it doesn’t give the same effect for some reason. Is there a different method for doing this? Thanks

Can you be a bit more specific about how Dorico gets confused, Dave?