Snare Drum Roll Playback


I know this has been addressed in the forums before - I’ve read the post…
I’m having issues with the playback of snare rolls. I’ve ensured that I’m using the General MIDI drum map, that I’ve assigned playback of “roll” to the default notehead with a z on the stem. I made sure it was set to “reset” and not “add.”
I’ve had this problem before and it took me over an hour to figure it out… The solution was somehow I had the percussion map set to Yahama XG when I was trying to troubleshoot (I don’t know how that happened, I have no recollection of ever changing it, though I did try to make a whole new drum map and then deleted it, so that may have been why).

I can verify that snare roll is assigned to MIDI note 29 in the drum map, and I can also HEAR that the roll plays back correctly if I play F0 on a MIDI controller, but it will not play back correctly from the notation. It gives a defiant snare hit that’s making me more and more frustrated.

Any ideas?

I apologize in advance if this is posted in the wrong place. I will gladly fix my post if I need to…

Welcome to the forum, mksyts. Please take a look at the attached project, which demonstrates the roll technique. You need to add a definition for MIDI note 29 (F1) to the Yamaha XG percussion map in Play > Percussion Maps, and make sure that ‘Roll’ is specified as the technique and ‘Snare drum’ as the instrument. Then, in the Edit Percussion Kit dialog, select the ‘Snare drum’ instrument, click ‘Edit Percussion Playing Techniques’, and map the Z-on-stem technique to ‘Roll’. That should do it! (250 KB)

Thank you!!