Snare drum rolls with trill line

I am trying to get a snare drum roll to playback when using a trill line. It is part of a kit, so I have tried to edit the playing technique from within the kit itself but there is no option of a trill marking there. I could of course just use a three-stroke tremolo marking but as this is a transcribing job I would rather use the original formatting of a trill with a line. Is there any way of getting this to play back as a roll, and if not perhaps this is something to consider for the future?

NotePerformer does this out of the box. So does HALion Sonic SE (using the stock Drum Set (Full)). What VST are you using?

Hello pianoLeo,
I went on a search for this topic and found your response here. I’m having a similar situation with Noteperformer 3 with a drum roll. I would like to create a drum roll with NotePerformer and Dorico elements 4. The only way I have been able to come close so far is by using the 3 slash tremolo feature. It does not compare to the HSO roll which sounds authentic. I cannot of course use both programs simultaneously. Is there a better way to create a snare drum roll using noteperformer and Dorico 4?

I find that with the trill’s Start playback speed set to Fast the trill sounds identical to the 3 slash trem, at least with NotePerformer and at q=120. How are you hoping to notate your roll, and at what tempo?