Snare drum track as sample trigger

Hello everyone
I did a live drums and the recorded snare was way off the quantize in many places so I cut, split, and edited hits and moved them around to fix it up and it works great. I actually did some copies of hits that I liked better and placed them over different weaker hits. I’ve done trigger samples many times however now that there are splices and copy overlays of different hits on the track I can’t get it to do the samples triggering to a different track unless I do every individual hit. It works but it takes forever. Is there a way to fuse the entire edited track into one piece so I can just set up the sample trigger once. I tried grouping the tack into one and that didn’t work. Probably an easy fix but something I’m clued out on.


The answer here depends probably on which version of Cubase you’re using? Elements/Artist/Pro?

You could select all the parts, then bounce it into one part, then in the audio editor choose create midi events (or called something equal to that) then put your snare sample in for example GA, and route the midi track there.

I’m using Pro. looks like hjwinge has an idea. I was going to try that but hadn’t got around to it yet. I thought there might be an easy fix.

Thanks for sharing your ideas.