Snare with brushes in NP

How do I get a snare with brushes using NotePerformer? I haven’t been able to figure it out.

This is a snare drum alone, not part of a kit. Not sure if that matters.


Thanks. It’s not a drum set, though. It’s just an individual snare. So I get this:

Hm, there doesn’t seem to be any brush sounds in the Orchestral Percussion.


That doesn’t make sense. The sound is certainly available within NP, since it’s in the drum kit.

Time to contact the expert…?

I already did, no brushes in the percussion or expression maps, so I think the only way is to use the Drumkit. I hope I’m wrong though.


This may not suit your situation, but if I display the Drum Set as single-line instruments and hide empty staves, I can show only the snare configured for brushes in NP.

(But I find it doesn’t sound like brushes even with the change in the NP Mixer.)

FWIW, LABS Percussion has a brush snare if I recall correctly, and it’s free — and the percussion map has already been done…

Not sure I see it, but it was a good idea.

Did you mean LABS Drums? Still do not see brushes, but I haven’t watched the video: perhaps one of the sliders…

My bad. I thought there was brushed snare but no. It’s in the Joby Burguess collection (expensive)
There still is the Halion one that’s available, and it’s included in Dorico… All you have to do is add the swish playback technique to the snare. (Yamaha XG percussion map has it on D1)

Did you ever get Garritan JABB back when you were using Finale? There are a couple of brush snares in it.

Hi Dan, this works. Use Create Empty Kit, Add just a snare drum. Change to Brushes Kit in NP mixer. Add a percussion playing technique Stir for the swirl sound.
It will show as a single line in the score if your layout->percussion is set to grid.


Dan.dorico (403.0 KB)


Thanks for this. I don’t know so much about these realms of Dorico, but at least I managed to duplicate the window in your screenshot and pressed OK. However, when I reopened the window from the “Edit percussion kit” > Edit percussion playing techniques, it was reset to “Natural”. What am I getting wrong? The drum kit was already created, if that is of importance. In the mixer, it is called “Drum set (brushes)*” (with an asterix). My project is attached in one of my posts above.

In your example project Dan.dorico, the playing technique is also set to “natural”.