Sneak look of new activation manager and Dorico

Noticed it in one of the Dorico 4 videos which is being announced today, and will feature the new licensing system so was part of the clip:

Timestamped here at 0:47:-

Makes me wonder if C12 is going to have a facelift seeing this new interface design. Looks nice and easy to manage, anyway, which is the main thing.

Hope it all goes smoothly for Dorico users, as it means we get C12 quicker! :slight_smile:

The start page looks great! Will be nice if Cubase 12 will have the same design and a much faster starting time!!!

Very nice modern GUI. Cubase 12 should have these directions. :slight_smile:

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I just hope that in Cubase 12 we’re not forced to the Steinberg Download Assistant. I hate that POS.

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Check out the video on the jump bar! Brilliant, especially the aliases!

That jump bar thing is very interesting for those of us that like keyboard shortcuts. Very similar to the run command in windows.

I noticed HAlion 7 in that screenshot… :musical_keyboard:

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Well, you’re going to have to pay for the privilege.

I wonder how many millions they will make off this cash grab.