Snoopy Pebble Beach Theme Alternative version


This is an alternative take of Snoopy’s Pebble beach theme that was originally composed by Vince Guaraldi a great piano player and composer. This is my arrangement, this take only has section A and misses the other sections it never made it into the game.

I made this little slide show from a bunch of Snoopy/Charlie Brown/peanuts pictures.

Any feedback,criticism, any views would be great.

Style: Samba/jazz/fusion/rock/orchestral



I would like to add that the shakers in section A was played on a real shaker and all the different guitar parts(clean and distortion) were also played live and recorded by me.

Any feedback still welcome

Thank you.

Nicely done mate…the brass section soundsgreat, what the heck are you doing it with? Kevin

very good, i was surprised to hear distorted electric guitar in there which gave it a jazz fusion flavor reminded me of early Stanley Clarke stuff ,like Kevin said, it sounded very good and great musicianship, nice mix and instruments sounded great but there were a few things spread right across the middle of the mix at times making it hard to see through ,when the guitar came in you should have mixed it much bolder and maybe lost some of the other instruments while the guitar was happening ,you sounded shy with the mix of the guitar ,from what i could hear it sounded great ,turn it up.

Hi thanks

Shadowfax/Kevin, for the horns I used the older version of Chris hein horns mutes, saxes and sections.

Thanks firestamper for the in-depth view really appreciate it. You are right, I tend to nearly in all the music I have ever done that have guitars seem to put the guitars at a low volume, I am not sure why that is.

In this case it was for a game so I thought I didn’t want to have the guitars too loud, I don’t really know. I had a feeling this was not going to be used anyway it is just too different from Vince Guaraldi’s pebble beach.

About the spread yeah, I used a stereo spread FX in Cubase on the output, and that seemed to have moved instruments around some what.

I tend to not really go back and redo things but you put points across that made me think. So I went back and raised the volume on the guitars a little maybe too much or maybe not enough. I took off the stereo spread effect.

I hope this is a better version. I will keep both versions

If you would like to hear the version which was used and is much more close to Vince Guaraldi you would have to play the Iphone game I am sorry this is not close to the Vince Guaraldi style.

here is the new version.

Any feedback on the new version would be great. I probably will not go back to this again I have so many other things on my mind : )

Thank you

yeh ,the guitar is a better level ,i may have a tried a bit of air around it ,i dunno .but excellent stuff all the same.