Snow Leopard messing with my GUI

Hey all!

So I upgraded to Snow Leopard. I’m running Cubase 5.5.0. Not is seems that some plugin’s GUIs are flickering. Everything seems to work, but the graphics are sometimes straining to be seen. They will look OK, then I go to adjust a paramater and it will start flickering madly. I have wavelab plugs, as well as iZotope. It’s also hard to move some things like an EQ curve as it’s hard to pinpoint the exact position.

Has anyone encountered this? I have a pretty beefy MacPro with 2 x 3Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors, and 9 gigs of 667Mhz DDR2 FB DIMM Ram.

Could upgrading to Cubase 6 fix this?

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I have indeed seen that happen here (same in Cubase 6), with some “ancient” VST plugins… but, it is o.k. now. I can merely guess that it corrected with one of the Mac OS X 10.6 updates (OS X 10.6.7 here).
Also, I notice you said Cubase 5.5.0. Why not update it to 5.5.3 ( )? If you first rename your Cubase to, say, “Cubase”, then the update will write a new Cubase, leaving the old version intact (in case you eventually prefer to go back to that one).

Thanks Vic, I’ll check that out. With Snow Leopard now YouTube is playing everything choppy as well. No decent flash support now? Anyway, this GUI thing is really annoying, and it prevents me from making fine adjustments - LAME!

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