So, about 4K

I am building a brand new PC for DAW purposes after being away from music production for five years (because, kids, and all that…)

I am thinking about getting two 4K monitors because I know very well how quickly real estate gets gobbled up on monitors. But I am not sure where Cubase 12 sits with 4K compatibility. Are there still some plugins that are not compatible with dpi scaling or resizing? Would you recommend I rather stick to 1440p for now?

Keen to hear what your experiences are.

I would say get a big 4k monitor and don’t scale. I don’t really see the point in small 4k monitors and then scaling. It defeats the reason for getting 4k

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I agree, 4k on smaller monitors then 32" doesn’t make any sense. I have 2 x 27" QHD monitors 2560x1440 and that gives a lot more real-estate than 1080p monitors. And is still convenient to use without scaling.

Agree with the previous posters. I have three large 4K monitors running on my Cubase system (one of the project window, one for the mix console, one for SuperVision), and it works like a charm. I’m running Windows at 125% OS scaling so that the UI elements aren’t too small.

Some plugins still can’t handle high resolutions well, so you might end up with a few that are really small on the screen, but that’s a small price to pay for all that real estate, and hopefully/eventually those plugin developers will invest in HiDPI for their UI.

All in all, I highly recommend running Cubase on 4K monitors!

I previously had a 32" QHD 2560x1440 monitor and a 27" full HD screen
I switched to a 4K screen for visual comfort
but also for the amount of informations that can be visible at the same time
so I switched to a 4K tv in 50"
and this is the best
Then you need enough perspective
1 meter 20 being the right distance I think
I had two screens to have the project window and the mixing console
But do you really open both at the same time?
I do not believe
on the other hand now I have a second touch screen in 24 "full hd to control all my cubase functions that’s much more interesting
when it comes to plugins and 4K compatibility, Steinberg has done the job.
After old Plugins could cause problems and still I’m not sure because Cubase 12 manages all this very well

It seems to be a big gap. From 32 to 42. Why no normal 36 or 38?
32 is a bit small for 4k, while 42 it to big for near screen.

I use a 32” 4k screen at full res using my screen glasses and it’s fine. I wouldn’t want to go any smaller though.

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