So Absolute 6 is available

But nobody knows?
Am I missing something, but I was waiting for Absolute 6 for quite a while. Just visited the Steinberg website and discovered it. (And bought the upgrade straight away)
Am I too fast?

no, just right! :smiley:


Of course it includes Halion 7, but they could have included more of their other VST products.
But nonetheless, a nice purchase …

Hi Fantom
I am looking into getting Absolute 6 in a month or two, I purchased Halion 7 but I didn’t have enough right now for Absolute 6.
My question for you that I haven’t seemed to be able to find anywhere else, is all of Absolute 6 under the new Licensing system? No more need for the USB Dongle?

It is dongle free?

Yes - Absolute 6 is all under Steinberg Licensing. Steinberg has issued updates for all the instruments in Absolute other than HALion (Groove Agent 5, The Grand 3, Backbone, Retrologue 2 and Padshop 2) over the past year to make them compatible with Steinberg Licensing and Apple Silicon. The release of HALion 7 allowed Steinberg to release a Steinberg Licensing version of Absolute.

This is what I am currently seeing in my Steinberg Activation Manager:

Those who upgraded or crossgraded to Absolute 5 in the sale at the end of last year did particularly well, as Steinberg started the grace period for Absolute and HALion on 1 November 2022. I can’t remember exactly when the sale started, but most if not all will get a free grace period update to Absolute 6.


Don’t know (check the website).
For me the license is on the dongle so … Not able to answer.

If you upgraded to Absolute 6 from an earlier version of Absolute, you will have an “Absolute 5 (upgraded to Absolute 6 with Steinberg Licensing)” licence on your eLicenser. This allows you to use older versions of Absolute components that do not have Steinberg Licensing support.

Your Absolute 6 licence is on Steinberg Licensing, so you will find it in Steinberg Activation Manager. You do not need your USB eLicenser (dongle) connected to use Absolute 6, though you may still need it for other licences.

Okay, thanks for this info. I think I start to understand the system now …

Thank you David :slight_smile:

It’s awesome.

It is, as it is based on Steinberg Licensing.

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