So, are you feeling old yet?

Here’s something to wax poetic about… Some of us made music with computers back then… :blush:

…click here…


Good grief! I love all that stuff. I particularly liked the one with the 70’s equivalent of the Cubase-loungers in the white coats sitting in rows all looking at whoever’s taking the photo (Chris Beuermann’s dad?). :nerd:

Hi Robin

My 1040 STE was just a young puppy compared to those.
Very impressiver set of adverts.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I remember the Altair.

It was my first droolable moment, and let me assure you that ducks rarely drool.

There was a show about a guy who had networked his entire house using control modules, so that his Altair could turn the lights on and off, and everything else, too. It was brilliant!

Of course, they don’t work underwater…QUACK!

Not has high a roller as Dom Joly …

Now they get X-box controllers, Ipods and shades :slight_smile:

Heh heh!

Here’s my first iPad

Ya, its the iSketch