So Cubase 10.5 is out, when do we get Nuendo 10.5?

So Cubase 10.5 is out, and it has some nice improvements I’m sure many of us would love to see over here in Nuendo land… and now since Cubase and Nuendo are supposed to be much more synchronized, it will be very interesting to see when we get Nuendo 10.5 with these improvements.

Any chance Steinberg could comment on how this new Cubase-Nuendo development schedule is going to work for us now?

The two specific questions I have are:

  1. When? Steinberg had promised when Nuendo 10 came out that the development calendars were going to be more closely synced. So with this “new” development process, are we talking weeks? A couple of months? Many months?

  2. Cost? Since Nuendo 10 officially came out in April 2019, it hardly seems right that we’d be charged an upgrade fee so soon after release in the same year… so maybe 10.5 will be free? Unless they make us wait until later next year (maybe April 2020?), in which case that would invalidate #1, the new better-synchronized schedule?

Anyway, hope the delay isn’t too much, there appear to be some good workflow improvements in Cubase 10.5 plus some other goodies that could come in handy.

A lot of stuff we already got in Nuendo (i.e. Video Export) is now included.

But I am really looking forward to the PT Style Multitool, easier Macro Creation and some of the Workflow Enhancements such as the non-activation when closing a second project. The extension of “Import from Project” to be able to import FX, Group and Folder Tracks is also a biggi.

Would love to see this rather sooner than later.

Hi all,

the next Nuendo major update is in the making. It will receive all new features introduced
with Cubase 10.5 plus many more that are only Nuendo exclusives.

Regarding the synchronized schedules: I’ve NEVER mentioned that Cubase and Nuendo will come the same day
or the same month. We need to spread development resources, so that the team can work on Cubase and
Nuendo, but it’s not possible to do everything in parallel. That said, we just released Nuendo 10 this year
with lots of new stuff. Some of these feature have been ported over to Cubase, but are available to Cubase
only from today. The next Nuendo major launch will be in 2020, not in the first quarter though. And it will
again include features, that Cubase (vice versa) will only get with version 11 probably end of next year.

Since version 10, we are aiming for a yearly release of Nuendo. Previous Nuendo product cycles have been
24-27 months, that will definitely not happen anymore. So once a year it’s Cubase time, once a year Nuendo!


Hey Timo!

Thanks for the response and clarification! Sounds logical.

BTW, I know you didn’t say specifically that Cubase+Nuendo would be released the SAME day or month, but rather that the schedules were going to be more synchronized than they were before. AFAIK, you guys never mentioned WHAT this new interval would be, other than that it would be theoretically much shorter than it used to be. So it was never clear what the new release plan was going to be until now.

So this sounds like a clear logical plan, and I appreciate the reply! Please keep up the communication! So it seems like we’ll have to wait for these new Cubase 10.5 features until Q2 (perhaps April 2020). Fair enough – that’s about year from when Nuendo 10.0 launched, and then the new yearly cycle commences.

So last question, are we going to see a Nuendo 10.3 with maybe one or two of these new Cubase goodies? Or will we just see maintenance bugfixes (10.2.X…) until the larger 10.5 release next year?


This sounds good to me!

Oh, as you guys are at it…can you please add the ability to exclude newly created tracks from being added to screensets.

I really don’t care about 10.5, save the new features for later implementation, meanwhile there are more important and urgent things to fix, like the messy color schemes along with the related buggy prefs saved data.
That and transparent mode, if you guys are not thinking about reverting that decision, just let us know, there are too many of us still on N8 and waiting for some concrete statement in order to move on.

I just want the combined select tools ASAP… been waiting so long for that one.

That would be nice… maybe as a little 10.3 holiday gift? :open_mouth: :smiley: :mrgreen: :sunglasses:

:frowning: I thought we’d get this in a couple of weeks. 2nd quarter of 2020 is so far away. I’ll be old by then.
The new tool mode and the mixer channel colour option is exciting!

Yes, I’m excited about this too! And the extended track import features!!

I would love to see the new key commands and Macro features that are now available in Cubase 10.5 being implemented in N10!

And I am really excited to seeing those old, frustrating issues finally being solved:

  • All folders are still being closed (and the entire project-overview is messed up…) when clicking “Hide All” in the Automation Panel.
  • Workspaces still include zoom setting and cursor location.

…to name but the most annoying ones…

Niek/ Amsterdam

Hello uarte,

yes April 2020 looks promising for the next Nuendo major launch!


Heck, I’d do with just the glue keyboard shortcut, been asking for that for 15 years! Even tried to do it with AutoHotkey manually at some point, but it was a nightmare trying to detect where the objects are on the screen so it can click on it with the glue tool…

Sounds good, thanks Timo – and personally, I like the release plan, Cubase then Nuendo once per year, about 6 months apart. Makes sense. While I wish the interval was shorter, I’ll take 6 months over 12+ months! And more importantly, we now know how things will basically work going forward. Thanks for being willing to share that info more clearly than before.

And BTW, in the spirit of the holiday season, and in the spirit of general celebration of the big Nuendo 10.0 release earlier this year, and also why not for the fun of it to add a cherry on top of a great year, it couldn’t hurt to release maybe a couple of those cool new features from Cubase 10.5 this holiday season as a little holiday surprise for Nuendo users, right??? :mrgreen: :smiley: :sunglasses: You wouldn’t be spoiling Nuendo 10.5’s big features… just pick one or two of the small workflow features from Cubase 10.5 to spread the holiday cheer and wrap up 2019 with that great feeling! :wink:

And while I’m at it talking about the holiday season, even if you DON’T release a couple of those Cubase 10.5 features for us before Nuendo 10.5 next year, I really have to say THANK YOU to the whole Steinberg team for their great work on Nuendo 10! It’s been an outstanding tool in my studio, and it really did feel like a “landmark” release TBH. There were some really great features added that made me feel like Nuendo (and Steinberg) is paying more attention to customer needs and investing in good development choices that are relevant to the work I do. So I say THANK YOU. I know some people (including me sometimes) will get annoyed at this or that issue or a bug or a feature that we need desperately, but overall, I have to say that Nuendo 10 has been a success for me so far. Congrats on all your hard work this year and keep going! And keep the bugfixes coming over the next several months until Nuendo 10.5!!!

And while you’re hopefully still reading this thread, PLEASE for the LOVE of the DAW GODS, can you PLEASE finally add RIPPLE EDITING in Cubase/Nuendo!!! (I had to throw that in there again… some of us have been asking for it for many many years and I had to remind you again. I can still hope, can’t I?)

Anyway, cheers and thanks again! Looking forward to 10.5 already!

Will transparent events come back?

Hello chi_mike,

we are trying our best to have transparent mode back on Nuendo 10.2.20, and of course it will also be available in Nuendo 11.

All the best,

What? Where did you see this info? Really, linking zoom and position to workspaces is history?

I wish the marketing-department and developers @ Steinberg were as serious as you are Tumppi, then Nuendo would have been a lot better than now.
I am sorry that my scepticism has misled you.

Niek/ Amsterdam