So Far, So Great with C12 Pro 12.0.30!

My projects are pretty sparse, so I downloaded the +/-1 GB C12 Demo project to test out how my admittedly long-in-the-tooth system ( i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20GHz, 16 GB RAM) would handle a busy project - it played through fine. Then I “record activated” a bunch of the tracks - still good!

Then I added a whole bunch of random plug ins to stress the system even further, and everything continues to play back great! All the meters are really low, nothing close to getting pegged :slight_smile:

I haven’t done any audio recording yet, but so far … excellent with C12 Pro 12.0.30!


Just as a test, i left c12 Pro running overnight. When i woke up and checked it, everything was still working well.

All this on an old, marginally powered system that was updated in the Grace Period.

Nice! :slight_smile:


Are you running a Windows based computer or an Intel Mac? What OS version are you utilizing?

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On his profile info:
Win11 on Intel PC.

We unfortunately cannot have signatures anymore, so we have to do it that way!

PS: Running fine for me on very heavy projects as well, better than on C11.
300+ tracks and hundreds of plugins spread over single tracks and busses.
Mastering is done in the same project with high oversampling modes active (uses a lot of CPU).

Thank you!

We are having no issues on either of our systems here as well. In fact, CB Pro 12 is more efficient and runs better than CB Pro 11 for us so far.

Be sure to click on the user’s icon, you will see their profile. (hopefully they have loaded the info. alexis has.)

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W10, actually, but yeah!

Was curious how your system is handling 12.0.30 on your Mac and what OS you guys are on?
Big Sur 11.6.6 here and still on 12.0.0. Occasional crashes with a MBP Intel 16" audio only system but stable for the most part. Our tracking schedule can’t afford a tech rabbit hole if the updates cause other problems but sounds like yours has been solid under production deadlines?

Good morning.

We have had no issues with Cubase 12 Pro here with either of our iMacs.

We utilize a number of DAWs here because a sizable portion of the work we do is “fixing” projects that others have recorded and attempted to mix when they had limited skills to do so (in other words we fix other’s screwups). Often, we return the final project back to the client in the format that they provided it to us in plus stems and a final mix-down.

When we record live musicians and mix the resulting project from scratch we use LUNA as our DAW of choice. If we are recording a project largely comprised of VSTs with few live tracks we use Cubase or Logic as our DAW of choice….but normally export stems to Luna for mix-down.

We are a huge fan of Luna and UAD plugins here because of the analog sound and feel we are able to obtain. At this time, Luna is a very young DAW and is not as full featured as some of the other DAWs so we use each DAW for its strengths and use Luna for what it does best…recording live tracks and mixing projects.

Here is our hardware and software info:

Luna 1.2.8, Logic Pro 10.7.4, Cubase Pro 12.0.30, Studio One Pro 5.5.2, Pro Tools Studio 2022.5, UAD-2 software 10.1, PreSonus Quantum 2, UA Apollo 8, UA Apollo Twin Mk 2 (2), UAD-2 Thunderbolt Satellite Quad (2), Studio A: Apple iMac 2020, i7 8-core 3.8 GHz, 64 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, RP5700XT GPU, 10 Gb/s Ethernet, MacOS Monterey 12.4. Studio B: Apple iMac 2015, i7 4-core 4 GHz, 64 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, RP395X GPU, 1 Gb/s Ethernet, MacOS Monterey 12.4.

I’m on MacOS 11.6.2 and Cubase 12 has been quite usable since version 12.0. It wil crash occasionally while using an exotic 3rd party plug-in, just as Logic Pro X will, but that’s expected behaviour unfortunately.
YMMV, of course.

Hackintosh i9 9900k/48GB RAM/8 TB of SSD’s/CC121/Korg Wavestate/Metric Halo ULN-8/UAD-2/etc.

Running really really well here , and everything that i do use works perfectly , can’t ask for more than that … Ohh yes you can


Dave, Thanks for the heads up. Sounds like we do a fair bit of the same work and glad to hear its working for you guys. Big fan of UA here as well but haven’t really jumped onto Luna yet, love the sound though.

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Live recording using plugins in real-time via Luna’s Unison inserts is a real game changer.

However, for midi based recording Cubase Pro 12 is far superior at this time and is much better suited for that type of work.

Have a great day and happy music making! I wish you great success with Cubase 12 also.

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OP here, 17 days later. Did a lot of editing/mixing recently, using VST i’s, exporting, using ARA, etc. I *may have had a freeze or so, but lost no data, and my general feeling is that things are working great still here on C12 Pro on a trusty but old and marginally powered W10 system (as in profile) on a small home project.

C12 12.0.30 is far from perfect, but it is pretty good on my long-in-the-tooth system - Ryzen 5/16GB/500GB. I do have the occasional crashes but I think this is related to how I’m constantly demoing new and free VSTi’s. I think once my system is finally set up with all the required tools I shouldn’t experience anymore crashes.