So far so very good but...

Hi!Im now using Q6 about some time and am very happy user i must say just few things popped up though.If i have long audio file with short fx hits recorded innit, is there a way that i can slice it up quickly/automatically according to silence parts.I tried to make hitpoint and move the thershold but some fx loudest parts isnt just the begiining so its not working this way, can it cut itself to pieces detecting silences between the samples?

other thing is that im using pitch envelope shifter quite a lot on audio material and it crashes few times in a hour when pushed process button(never noticed it on 6.02 now im on 6.03).I have lots of plugs and none of the other thing crash and i have some wierd unstable 3rd plugs even if they make sometimes wierd unexpected clicks noises they dont crash.Also steiny should put more effort to eq, including fq analyser into eq.Now i said it, i feel releaved ,little bit .tnx :slight_smile:

Yes, there is a detect silene function under “Audio–> Advanced–> Detect Silence”. If possible maybe post the material so the community can suggest how to work with it on the concret example.

I could not reproduce any issues with the “Process-> PitchShift–> Envelope”.
If you discover reproducible bugs it would be good if you could then report them.