So I can post here! Cool!

Hi everyone,

Just saying hello world!

Regards to all :laughing:

(formerly Robin Heuristic on the old formum)

Me too!!

Did they let PG in?

Well, let’s see what all that scribbling looks like on the new forum! Have to work on that ‘senior member’ status too! :sunglasses: - allright I see it needs some more work…

Finaly i can post here as well :exclamation:

Me too!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It seems we all are new members…

hi everybody

might this be a prolific place getting our beloved editor the best audio-editor in the whole wide universe…

Who? :mrgreen:

!too here post can I ,good Oh!

.right not That’s !Wait

!esrow s’taht ,reggub hO

Ah, that’s better.

One, two. Won too. Testing.

Yeah, that should do.

Just testing.

Hello everyone. I made my name a bit shorter…

Nice that we can post here alright !

found my way back here is as well :laughing:

Me too, it’s taken me 3 days to work out how to get back in here, hadn’t realised I had to re-accept the terms of using the forum in my mysteinberg page. Doh! :blush:
Glad to be back though

Just a test, I had the same problems as the rest. Doll helped me out though :slight_smile:


Welcome - good to be here again at the start of something new :wink:


1st post in the new forum and just testing

And in this new community we are all created equal … with 1 post :mrgreen:


Test 1 2 3, yes it seem to work here :smiley:

regards S-EH


But is this Forum alive?

It seems some important threads aren’t getting answers.

Aaahhh, the good old fights on the old forum!

Hello to all. I’m back, but I forgot who I was in the old forum. :blush:

Muahahahaaaaa … :laughing: