So long and thanks for all the fish


Tonight Nuendo is being decommissioning.

Once I release my licenses to the buyer, I will no longer be able to post here any more so I wanted to thank everyone here that has helped me out over the years, for the laughs and rants and all. I’m a sentimental man.

I will be around the cubase side (have to keep compatibility for old projects ya know) and I may still record and mix in Cubase for certain things but for the most part, I have switched to “you know who” to simplify and cut my losses.

I wish you all the best of health, lively hood and the best in everthing that matters to you most.



Best of luck…

Cheers, Tom
If you can spare some time … please, report on the Cubase forum if you find out
what makes the “dark side” ( :wink: ) so ( technically ) successful over Nuendo.

All the best to you and may losses turn into mega bucks.

Big K. ( Besitzstandsmillionär … not… , even if I count in all my socks and the fuel in the tank, as well :wink: )

what makes the “dark side” so successful over Nuendo.

In the U.S., it’s marketing.

Digi seeded music and recording schools with free or low-cost copies, so a whole generation of students learned the interface. A large radio-complex ops manager told me he can hire PT operators at bargain rates, so that’s the software they use.

Of course having lots of cash, from getting AudioMedia cards integrated into $$$ Avid systems (before Avid bought Digi) helped.

Yes Jay, the agressive marketing was/is the same over here.
I had to virtually chase them off my doorstep, already almost 20 years ago.
I am hard to influence by any marketing strategy and advertising. I am more after the better technology.
One large asset would be rock-solid compatibility to Alsihad. But I fear that they would just change the
specs their project files or audio file format, …again…

Big K

As long as they don´t even manage to deliver a 64 Bit version for Win7, I wouldn´t open the door… :mrgreen: