So long Mac community.

Not to beat a dead horse, but I didn’t join the “split the forum again” thing earlier because others had made the whole point quite well already; instead, as a not-so-active-but-yet-alive Mac forum member I preferred to wait and see if Steinberg people would change their mind and give us our place back again.

It took just one month or so and, well, it’s under our eyes: idiotic definitions we had to learn aside (iJailiCult… or rather iCanteffordit?) the only result we’ve obtained has been the disappearance of the senior members whose invaluable contribution still shines in the old forum archive, while the few Mac fellows still surviving here are floating in a pond of non-congruent topics.

Now we know as a matter of fact that Steinberg is not interested in preserving the identity (that’s indeed the keyword) of a community which played a fundamental role in keeping Cubase alive within a platform where bashing Steinberg a priori was (and still is) the best game in town.

Okay, duly noted. Only… Mind you, you don’t need a melodramatic act to commit suicide, more often a silly one will suffice: for some, mistaking the pesticide bottle for the Evian one has been enough. For others it could just coincide with the closure of a costless forum, this way loosing the community identity first, and then the community itself.

In the meantime the competitors have indeed sharpened their cleavers and their offerings are tempting more than ever: hardware independent PT anyone? Logic in the MAS for €62 pretty soon?


Ah, PC guys, if you have to contribute any sensible comment you’re welcome, but provocative wannabe funny ramarks… please, abstain: we’ve given already, thank you.

Disclaimer: I’m not mother language, so apologies in advance for any unwanted rudeness.

Well it looks like the decision was taken by the steinberg team to have the forum product specific and not split via hardware. For what it’s worth I think this is the wrong decision and would wish the powers that be reconsider the wisdom of this choice. is not registered. Start a new community and macbase away all day? :bulb:

Steinberg could add a sticky at the top of the Cubase forum with links and fill it up as we find them




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go to last post and see if it’s newer for even more updated links!

I’m sure there are a few mac-ists at Steinberg that would pop in every now and then at as well :wink:

@ HowlingUlf

First, the more relevant things in your post: Sweden?
I LOVE Sweden, wil be there this summer again on my car route to Nordkapp.

Then the completely pointless ones: macbase? Hummm… Do you really believe that a forum held by the mother house can anyhow be compared with a macbase thing? Nah! You cannot believe such a thing like this, can you?



In what way was Steinberg involved in the old Mac forum, other than as a forum provider?
Providing obvious answers and vaporizing when the heat increased and hiding behind “it’s a U2U forum”?
Gather your elders and mac away until the cows come home … at least try?

And this forum is still here … for questions that the mods are allowed by the company policy to answer, or whatever keeps them back, like other workload. Let’s give them the benefit of a doubt. :blush: :wink:

It would be helpful if the Mac guys contributed a sensible comment. Basically the argument so far has been “because I want my own forum”. That’s not much of an argument.

There are two forums …

Cubase : Discuss Cubase issues here
Computer Studio Hardware : Discuss your Mac issues here

Seems pretty sensible to me.

It’s all part of Steinberg’s “if it aint broke, fix it anyway” policy.


I thought the credo was “If it is broke, ignore it.”

Post moved to the music lounge?!
Music Lounge: General discussions on songwriting, mixing, music business and other music related topics.”

What the heck has my post to do with the music lounge?

Mod, please, I don’t think I broke any forum rule with my post, but if you don’t like it, then just delete it without “politically correctly” ostracising it from its relevant context, c’mon!

And… by the way, if our community is voicing its disapproval for a move which could be fixed in no time, at no cost and with no harm for anyone, why don’t you just listen and have everybody happy again?
Yes, everybody, even the PC dudes will indeed be happier without the hassle that “the rest of us” can actually represent: at least, they won’t have to explain once again to anyone he’s paying more to have less (another interesting point of view I learned during this last month).

See? We’re just trying to be constructive.

And yet, you pull out the jockey whip.

If by community, you mean all three of you who keep posting the same thread over and over and over and over …

Just to be clear, I would also prefer the forum to be broken down so that the Deutsch was it’s own section. I don’t particularly have a problem with you guys wanting a Mac section. But, the mods have said try it for awhile. So, why don’t you try it for awhile. So, far I haven’t seen anything in the Cubase section that would support the assertion that a separation is necessary. Most of the problems revolve around setting buffer sizes and how to use editor windows or how to find the place to select the sound card etc… There are n00bs on both platforms.

Just a thought; in the old lounge when we posted music, we labled the thread “[MUSIC]followed by the subject”. Why not post in all things Cubase, be it Lounge, C-5, Made in Cubase the same way only mac …like
“[Mac] topic statement”. This would tip yous guys off as to which threads you all are most interested in. I’ve been kicking around the idea of “[Work in Progress] song title” thread statement as a way to post songs I am working on in the lounge again, which would be out of public view, are not ready for prime time and my friends would notice and could give harsh review in the back room of the lounge. When the songs were finished they could be posted to the ‘made in cubase’ and everyone could tell us how great they were, but I digress.

[Mac] topic statement

A little OT here, but John, no Harsh reviews for you mate! :wink:

Back OT… My take on the actual thread… I see it two ways, yes, platform specific forums make sense from a filtration point of view, but we then lose some of the collective benefit of mutually shared techniques… I like John’s idea of prefixing posts with [Mac] or [Win] or whatever is pertinent, then those who want to focus in their own way are free to do so.

As a PC user, I only occasionally peeked into the Mac forum at, and I am fairly sure that I’ve missed a few gems of knowledge that were hiding in there over the 3 years I’ve been around here. My Bad.

I too would love os’s split.

But why not go the whole hog, and use an entirely tag based forum board. Just two or three tags per post would make finding info so much easier. Databases with tags can be so powerful… And just one of the uses is the ability for any user to “make up a forum category of their choice”

Say “English, mac, hardware” or
“Dutch, post production, video” etc.

Then save any number of these to your profile, and bang!

Just a thought…


The rest of the rest of us. Talk about being elitists :sunglasses:

My thought e-x-a-c-t-l-y!
The very first time i found myself before the new board this solution came to mind.
Trouble is that you cannot even start to talk about a solution if your counterpart doesn’t recognize the problem in the first place.

not from me :slight_smile:

I’m happy for both mac and PC users to exist together. I’ve never been a fan of apartheid.

but can’t see why there can’t be a couple of machine specific forums for Mac and PC ? Does that make any sense.

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot! :wink:

There’s already been a fair amount of confusion in the help forum over this… "you mean “control+alt?” “No, I mean COMMAND +Alt…”

Really, it’d take what, a single mouse click to segregate the help forums by platform?