So no Program Change or SysEx in the near future?

I have been awaiting an answer on the whole Program Change and SysEx not being supported problem before I posted my review in the app store. Until they are included along with Control Changes which are not there either the Midi Sequencer is useless to me. So pretty much I paid $50 for an updated version of garage band until this is fixed if ever. Not quite sure why basic Midi Technology is being abandoned in an advanced age when everything can fit on a tablet. Kind of baffles me.

Totally agree. It is one of the basic features that I would need too.
It would be nice if someone from Steinberg could say if this will be implemented or not, even if it is not until update 1.8 or something.
I am still resisting purchasing until I know what is happening, though I must admit that it is difficult to resist getting Cubasis just to see how it currently works.

Here’s hoping there will be some news soon.



If you have $50 burning a hole in your pocket I guess. I messed with it for a couple days but only the audio track stuff since the Midi is useless to me unless the SysEx and Program Changes are there. Now I am just playing the waiting game. BM2 may be adding these features first in which case I would hop on board with them. At least they have Control Changes which is more promising. Best of luck to you dude.

Hi there,

We have both things in our feature request list! :slight_smile:


Money burning a hole in my pocket is a luxury I do not have… :wink:
After reading Carlos’ post on this issue I am now hopeful there will be a resolution. Question now is “when” ?
I am still holding off as I will go with whoever gets there first with midi and audio. I am hoping it is Steinberg as I already use, trust and have faith in their desktop products.
I have a small festival gig coming up in a few months and want to port all my keyboard backing to a DAW and iPad solution to save me hauling a Roland Fantom G and drumkit about. iPad and a couple of half rack modules is far more appealing.

Just need to wait and see what happens, i suppose.

Thanks for the info. This answers the question I asked in the V1.2 post you made.
Do you have a time scale for the introduction of these features ? Would be nice to know even an approximation if you are able to divulge.
Excellent stuff on the latest update and looking forward to see what happens next.


Stevo… :smiley:

Program change / Continuous controllers / automation are definitely needed to control others synth apps such as animoog / ims20 / ipolysix. Will make a huge improvement to this app

  • 1 for the MIDI And tempo change. I could really do with it to run my hardware! I could then use my ipad to run any audio loops for the live set! And that would be just perfect! No more lugging the iMac about! I could realistically get to gigs on the Bus or train! SO come on Steinberg make it happen. :smiley:

Thanks for the tip. I don’t think Genome does audio too if i’m not mistaken though. I am waiting for a combination of both with FULL midi capability. I don’t understand why they would cut out people who like to use external synths and modules with full capability of course.