So...Nuendo 8.5...when?

I thought it was supposed to come out around now?


Ha! You beat me to it. I was wondering the same thing.

Last official post from Timo said there would be an N8 free update in May to include all current features in Cubase 9.5. So I would imagine 8.5 should be a a bit down the road. That said, always hard to predict SB will do.

Only 2 weeks left in May,

Or, to turn it around. Still 2 weeks left in May. Plenty of time to release 8.5.

After a decade and a half on these forums, these are my favorite threads.
I can tell you exactly, to the letter, how it’s going to proceed.
So funny …


No you can’t because I am going to start talking about giant white rabbits with red eyes that come chasing you in a tunnel at night… :mrgreen:

You can’t scare an old fart like me with a couple of White Rabbits.
Unless it’s Monty Python’s Killer Rabbit …



Well, for what it’s worth, 8.2 (I guess this is what you referred to as 8.5?) is out.

@Fredo. Is this the outcome you had in mind?
Or are you getting popcorn and waiting for the first people to report what’s broken in this new release’s new features?

Sadly enough, this time we missed the part where only a few days are left, and people start speculating that Steinberg again will going to be late, etc … etc …

And yeah, the first “unusable”, “disappointed” and “totally broken” reports should pop up within a few hours.


Don’t forget the apocalyptic future of Steinberg to complete extinction

What do you mean by “the future of Steinberg”, the white killer rabbit is going to get us all…, we are all going to DIE!

But to be honest 8 has been behaving very well on two machines here (mac) since the last update.
Also 8.2 feels very snappy on my old cheesegrater here.

Remember the blowback when I asked for some love for SB before the complaints started with the last update? This thread is so lovely, it nearly brings a tear to one’s eye, does it not?

8.2 makes an excellent statement for Steinberg’s new and improved “listen to the customer” thrust. And I truly appreciate it. I can feel my cynicism deflating already.

Yep, 8.2 is working pretty good here! And with the added features of C9.5, I’m happy waiting a bit longer for 8.5 :slight_smile:

Nuendo 8.21 now found problems with Cubase 9, 8 compatibility problems, and push before and after the push has also changed, plug-in from the original 8 new to 16 also with the previous operating software compatibility problems, and found that the video import problem before the MOV is no problem, but now will not disappear Does not know that the previous version 8.5 will correct the above questions?

There’s also a deadly BUG, a computer with a UAD plug-in does the project with Nuendo 8.21, outputs to another computer without a UAD plug-in opens with Nuendo 8.21 and presses F3, and the system immediately crashes, not knowing how to solve it.

The two posts immediately above this one contain the most magnificently constructed run-on sentences I have ever seen.

I do not fully understand what they mean but I am awestruck by the power of their run on-ness.