So Retrolouge disappearing makes a great thing uselsess...

Anyone else have this issue? I create an instrument track with Retrolouge and then magically several sessions later I can’t open it. The track exists but there’s no more VST I’m guessing. Just completely gone. As of now it’s essentially useless to me. Also does anyone know where the presets get saved? I save mine and can’t find them anywhere.

Just when I start to fall in love with Steinberg again…

System specs please. Things disappear in computerland and people on forums cannot guarantee their return. But we like to have something to go on.
Press the Windows key plus “pause” to get general system specs.

Look up (I think it’s a sticky or in the FAQs) “trash preferences” or maybe you could un/re-install Cubase as a last resort.

Sorry I should have remembered that:

Win7 64bit
32bit Cubase 6.5
16gb ram
intel i7-2600k
Asus Extreme mobo.

Hope that helps!