So Since I live in SouthAmerica I'm not entitled to support?

I’m having troubles with my UR824 with Cubase 7 (, I need official support, but it seams that Steinberg don’t offer that to people like me (who lives in SouthAmerica)
Is this a joke? Then why be a legal user, buying original software, steinberg hardware if I will not be entitled to have official support??

I am totally disgusted.

I live in south America too (Brazil). Here we have a good local support (I already used it, but only for software issues).

I live in Perú, I bought the UR824 and the Cubase 7 when I was visiting to my family in Germany.

There’s no local distributor here (well there’s a Yamaha official shop, but it doesn’t ever sell the UR824 or any steinberg product).

But I’m not even asking (yet) for repairs, I’m want somebody from steinberg email tech support help me find the problem with the product I bought.

I got the email from the activation of mysteinberg account. I will send an email there directly…