So, SpectraLayers doesn't work with Cubase yet, or am I missing something?

that says it all.

SpecraLayers gives off error about no ARA in 10.0.30

Maybe there’s something I don’t know about how to implement this thing…

Did you try having the Cubase audio engine at 32bit?

I think the 32 bit is maybe the answer, because not all will work on 64 bit audio…

ya, dumbed it down to 32 bit but SL still says there’s “no ARA”

Looks like you did not apply it to an audio region as an ARA plugin, but as a VST.
The correct procedure to use ARA plugins in Cubase is to select an audio region, then go to Extensions (top right of the timeline), or Audio menu > Extensions, or Ctrl+Right-click an audio region and select Extensions.

Hey, Robin…thanks for that…I’ll try it tonight

[SOLVED] Works fine now. Thanks y’all.

I had a similar problems. For audio regions there was no sub menu called “Erweiterungen” (German for extensions). After some kerfufle of updating eLicenser, repair Cubase, some swearing (loud) and finally missing SL6 in the plugin manager too I realized that there was no “spectralayers.vst3” in my VST3.Folder “C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3”
I copied it from “C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Spectralayers Pro 6\ARA\VST64” to my vst3 folder above and eerything works as expected.

Is there a manual, or an instantiation demo video?