So support tells me that the halion demo can not be extended, but others have done this. What is the deal?

Why am I hearing that others have been able to extend their demo period after writing to support. Yet I’ve been told that a demo restart isn’t possible. Why the inconsistency?

I guess nobody at this company cares at all that this bad, or that someone is actively trying to buy their product but just needs to confirm some things first?

I sent another email to the exact same support address with the exact same request for what was recently provided to another user and they just said no. No alternative or help of any kind. How does a company survive with this little regard for potential customers?

The trial is 30 days long. Extending this trial period is a privilege that was abused after people began mentioning that they had received one. Most companies don’t provide extensions under any circumstances.

Actually that isn’t true at all. Most companies that go with the time limited method do give an extension when requested. This is pretty crucial for the time limited method (which certainly isn’t the best method for selling a product as many people get caught up in other things during that 30 day period).

But anyways, I was able to test it again since I have nothing else on my elicenser so it was a simple matter of deleting my elicenser software and using a different email. I don’t know why they didn’t suggest this in the first place, although they may have assumed it would be too much of a hassle if I had other products registered on it. But I’m trying to get to a point where I know that it meets my needs and feel comfortable buying the software. They sure make it difficult for people who want to be legit and won the software!

Since it sound like you have specific questions that you want answered before buying, maybe you can email support with those questions and they will let you know if what you need to do is possible?

I tried that and they responded with some information that wasn’t at all what I was asking. When I asked for clarification they did not respond at all. I’ve also since then asked for help with license issues with Halion Sonic SE throwing errors because of now uninstalled demo content and they won’t respond at all. I’ve sent many emails and they ignore.

I’ve never seen this poor of support from any company before.