So what Cubase is Ugly, what about that CPU Meter?

Yes, Cubase is ugly. Deal with it.

But I often wonder about that CPU meter. I remember back in the days before I left Cubase at version 6 for Logic-that it was cool seeing all the CPU meters for each core. Not just a big fat one and you have no idea what cores are doing what.

So, my question is this: with the ASIO standard-can you separate out what each cpu core is doing or is this impossible?

If Logic and Cubase were potential dates, Cubase would be the wing person and you know it. :joy:

Well you don’t need to wonder, Cubase doesn’t have a CPU meter.

Can’t advise for a Mac, but on Windows the Resource Monitor shows CPU usage by core.

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Whazzz Hattnin. Nope. I’m not taking about the OS level. The Mac actually has a very extensive resource managing apparatus. It’s Unix after all!

I’m talking about inside the DAW.

This is what Logic’s Performance meter looks like if you have a lot of money. This is clearly not my computer. :joy:

I understood you meant internal. Cubase still ain’t got one, not for overall CPU nor for individual cores.

Also, I’d suspect “Performance” and “CPU” are different things

Sorry. I thought you were saying it DID have one. I’m simple. I admit it.

On the OSX I’ve been using iStat Menus for ever. Gives great insight into what your computer is doing and you can customize it to show you the stuff you care about.

Screen Shot 2024-05-28 at 9.05.19 AM

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Appreciate the rec. Noise.

Logic has a strange audio engine. The program is essentially running the audio engine “delayed” were Cubase is “live”.

So, there are tricks you can use to get more CPU power by watching the internal CPU meters in Logic. To see which cores are being overloaded, you can play around.

Anyway, we soldier on!