So what is your opinion about the new logo?

I felt kinda dissapointed. I really liked the white/red icon as it stood out from the rest of my desktop icons. I mean it’s just a logo, but then again, it’s not just some logo :slight_smile: I guess i’m not a fan. How about you?


love the color.

love the color.

love the colour.

love the culler (code, not sheep) :roll_eyes:

Red is better.

Not if you watch the news.

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It’s a show stopper for me

I love the cool blue.

I dig it. Red always symbolizes something being “wrong” to me. Blue is just “cool”! :sunglasses:

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I love blue!

live with it, go forth and procreate some music

If you’re on Windows (don’t know about Mac) you could change the icon to the old red one if it really mattered to you.

Not really bothered about but having both C11 and C12 installed it’s easier to identify which is which. :slight_smile:

Agreed, red C11, blue C12, helps having both versions in use. Would have been nice, (but impossible?) to be able to identify projects wholly created within each version by logo colour.

Perhaps when the C12 bugs are fixed, they can change the icon to PURPLE? :smiley:

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blue sounds good, green much more better. That’s why WL is green.

I think it’s a marketing choice: blue in the icon app (and in the cpr files icon) feels more “professional” then red.

With Dorico becoming more prominent are they going to colour code the applications as such as what companies like Adobe do?

Based on steinberg licensing interface it seems that expansions and instruments are being coded green (Inc HALion 7), spectralayers purple-ish, Dorico orange/red, Cubase blue.

The blue color is great. I like it. :grin:

1920x1080 Wallpaper

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