So What's the Verdict on 8.5.10 anyway?

I have been sitting on it for a couple weeks now as threads started rolling in about new instabilities etc etc.

What’s the general vibe now? Go for it or wait for the next round?


I guess the question is what version do you have now? I think 8.5.10 is better than 8.5 but if you’re still at 8.0.3 or 8.0.4 and you’re reading about bugs that could affect you, you may want to wait until 8.5.20. I’m pretty happy with 8.5.10

I think PG said it would be out later in August or end of summer.

I am at 8.5.0 currently with nothing really to complain about (yet) :slight_smile:

What’s better (to you) about .10 over the initial 8.5.0 release?


For me, I was getting very erratic mouse response when zooming using scroll wheel and false clicks when mousing around. This is solved in .10

I can’t remember any other major fixes from 8.5 to 8.5.10 but I’ll post if I can remember…maybe some 3rd party plugin improvements.

I think it’s definitely a worthwhile upgrade for me, on the basis of some new features I’ll use (encoder checker and multi-format bounces in particular). That said, I’m not using 8.5.10 on production work for the most part. Too many niggling little things, not yet sure where the bodies are buried. But that’s just me - When I have used it I’ve not been let down or disappointed. Some third party plugs are still sketchy though, so I’m just going to wait for things to settle down a bit before diving in full time.

Have you moved to 8.5.0 or still on an 8.0.x variant?


I had the master section now breaking up on me twice, ASIO ext fx adding 2dB to the signal while all meters were on unity, resetting the master section resolved it.
But it happened for no reason, fist time thhought my converters were broken

For me, all the 8.5 issues … and these pretty much centred on my favourite limiter … were entirely resolved.

Feels rock solid on a Windoze 7 professional machine. No hangs or issues since installation of 8.5.10.

The encoder checker thing is sweet.

Lovin it.

I’m on 8.5.1 for light duty, but still use 8.0.4 for heavy lifting. But I’m a pussy. :wink:

Haven’t had any issues yet, but my use case is fairly straightforward, stereo tracks to CD or video and various encoded formats. I should be enthusiastic about the encoder checker and multi-format encodes but I’ve just been too busy to RTFM and it hasn’t gotten in the way. Rock-solid BTW, I can’t think of any reason not to upgrade. Oh, and (I don’t know exactly when this came back) but a favourite feature of mine lost in the WL6->WL7 transition, namely clicking on the peak indicator in the master section to reset, is now back!