So who needs windows updates?

Hi, I had occasion to do a clean re install of Windows 7 after a series of Windows updates seemed to cause some hassle…(can’t say for sure it was the updates but immediately after them my system went belly up) so…I re installed and decided…out of curiosity, to not allow any Windows updates at all, so I have the basic as is windows OS from the disc…
Installed Cubase and my VST’s etc…and everything works perfectly…better than after the Windows updates…
so what the heck are the updates for ?(apart from nicking your info)
checking my previous updated version of Windows 7 with Latency mon I was told my system could not handle audio etc…
checking my new non updated version LM says everything is fine…

think I’ll stay here then, :slight_smile:

Nice, if it works fine then don’t touch it :slight_smile:
I did the same, but allowed updates until SP1 for windows 7. Not sure if it makes much of a difference in my case, but it feels better to have the most glaring problems fixed. As soon as SP1 installed I stopped windows update though, it runs great and I don’t think any more updates will improve it.

Yeah, it’s quite staggering the amount of updates I had before…and my system seems to have not needed them,
is there a paticular way to allow updates only up to SP1?

cheers… :slight_smile:

Windows will apply updates in order, and not download them all at once.
If you allow windows update to search for updates, it’ll only search for updates until the next ‘milestone’ version. So if you’re on a clean windows installation, it’ll only get updates until service pack 1 (maybe even less). Only once that is successfully installed, it’ll start searching for newer updates.
The SP1 update is huge compared to ‘regular’ updates so you’ll probably be able to tell which one it is just by looking at the size of the updates. (something like 900MB if I’m not mistaken)

Thank you…I’ll give it a go… :slight_smile: download but not install till I have a good look at them… :slight_smile:

Good luck!
Note I never claimed this will improve your performance or experience.
Don’t blame me if you find out it actually worked better without updates :wink:

Just checked my Windows disc…it says including service pack 1, so it’s already in…great!!

would never blame you my friend…everything i do is my own responsibility…

Ah nice, that’s even easier :slight_smile:

Keep your DAW offline and you wont ever need those updates. Its been a best practice for years. Get another machine for Internet activities.

I’ve got mine offline!
But not all windows updates are meant to deal with online threats, there are many that offer improvements in other areas so I decided to get the main ones.

My DAW comp only goes on line for a Cubase update…otherwise never…

It’s funny that I came here today and saw this thread. I was working last night in the studio and when I booted my machine, Windows said it couldn’t verify my software license anymore. It said I may have a counterfeit installation! I believe I was able to resolve it, I also went in and shut off automatic updates! I wish it was possible for me to not have that machine online, but I have to constantly do file exchanges.

I have never kept my studio PC on line. Since the beginning…Cubase in 1997 I have never experienced any “performance” issue…ever. I don’t do orchestra, but I don’t believe I do lightweight projects either. I use lots of UAD, Waves, Lexicon verbs, and NI.

Sure, that makes it way more difficult for updates. Doing all the transfers is a royal pain. Having to re-install everything when I installed a new C-drive SSD took days. Plus “purifying” the never ending files I receive from clients is a pain. But I have never had any viruses ever. And those nagging Windows 10 ad’s aren’t an issue. I know I’m a huge minority. For perspective, Arturia told me as far as their customer, I’m in the 5% club. :laughing: (this is after I chastised them for advertising a off-line update procedure that was not functioning for about a month.)

What is the benefit of all this pain? I’m not advocating doing what I do. I would guess 95% of on-line users have never even had a virus…in recent times. But I do wonder about the occasional and somewhat common Cubase performance issues I read about over the past 19 years when a new update is released.

What would be nice is if Microsoft could explain in a bit more detail as to whether or not the optional updates will benefit a off-line user. The vast majority of updates are for on-line users and I believe usually are security issues. Sure, I welcome any improvement, but I can’t always distinguish an improvement from what I read as just a security update. And there are hundreds of these to wade through.

It all depends on whether or not your programs need the latest MS C++ runtime libraries or .net updates to function. I can’t run Sound Forge without .net, and I can’t use Sonar without the latest C++ libraries. I know that some of my older plugins also rely on this framework. Cubase didn’t seem to have a problem at all running on Windows 7 stock from the disc, but I hit a wall with other programs, and MS is being stingy with Win 7 updates. I spent 14 hours with MS support, and even they couldn’t get my comp to update. I switched to Win 10, which is still free, and never looked back. All my software runs, updates are quick, and it’s snappier than Win 7. I have yet to find a downside, and only bonuses since I switched. I haven’t had one crash with Cubase since moving to Win 10.

I do keep wodering about moving to ten but don’t like the forced updates, don’t like them using my bandwidth to supply other computers, don’t like that they change my settings during updates without my knowledge or permission,
don’t like having a key logger on my computer, don’t like that it’s not actually my computer under my control any more…
a puter should be your own private thing…if someone wants to look at it they should ask permission…

this is really interesting…

That’s what I do as well! :smiley:

Exactly. I use a wireless wifi when I down or upload something and then I unplug it if I don’t need it. No unwanted “let me correct your system” intrusions.

I do something similar with my wifi adapter: I disable auto-connection so that it doesn’t connect to the internet by default. When I need to go online, I just click the appropriate network connection. Easy.

If you do decide to install Windows updates – and you’re using a small SSD system drive – you might want to update less often so as to avoid a ballooning WinSxs folder: .