So why doesn't Steinberg use beta testers?

Anyone know?

seems crazy that the 8.5 update I have (which i must say is a big improvement on my last version) will not open a Cubase project…other peeps are having this issue also…
how does something as simple as opening an actual project get missed? and wouldn’t having beta testers avoid this if they’re not able to fully beta test it themselves, (which it seems they can’t)
or is it that they’ve discovered a load of beta testers willing to pay for the privilege…us :laughing:
just asking… :slight_smile:
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Kevin :confused: :confused:

Cannot imagine they don’t do beta testing, hence the build date on Oct. 23rd.

It’s astounding how many little things are to be fixed though. But what the heck, it’s software, it’s complex and it’s hitting a myriad of different computer systems with as much users in front who all have their own demands, workflows and ideas of how it all should work.
I agree and wish initial releases (or ‘half initial’ versions) were more reliable in the first place but perfection is not what we can expect in the real world.

Working with 8.5 the second day, have no glitches that far, enjoying the new features already :wink:

Hi, I mean giving to the outside…ie some of the power users on this forum…then daft little glitches would maybe get sorted before being dumped on paying customers…of course it’s not ever gonna be perfect but now a click on a cpr only opens cubase…not the project

I’m sure they do test it …but on how many different computers…?
pretty sure a lot of cubase users would be glad to beta test…

Where did you see that? I’ve read problems with opening the project in a certain way that some users had become accustomed to (e.g., double click on the project), but hadn’t seen that projects couldn’t be opened at all.

Thanks -

Ok sorry, failed to explain it properly…I’ve edited my above post :blush:
In cubase 8 I clicked on a project cpr and it opened cubase and the project…
In cubase 8.5 I click on the cpr and it only opens cubase…not the project…seems like a step backwards to me and it surely isn’t supposed to be like this…
just thought outside beta testers would show something as simple as this up before release… :slight_smile:

best, Kevin :slight_smile:

Agreed, yes. But I guess they already do, the beta testers just might have to be silent about it by contract.

I’d be happy betatesting but then, what portions of Cubase do I really use day by dy? Lots of audio, very little MIDI/VSTi, I use Mediabay mostly as an in-app preview player, nearly zero presets, no notation, no controllers (I think Korg NanoControl doesn’t count). A very indivudual profile <> a very narrow spectrum of what the whole monster is able to do. That’s all I could add my two cents to.

What I’d enjoy a lot would be a public beta (or a pre-selected public beta a user can make a bid for). At release time a lot of the tiny pseudo-bugs could be avoided maybe.

I’m sure your right…it is a complicated procedure…but how does a simple thing like opening a project get past a beta tester …if as you say there are some but they have to keep shtum!! :confused: :confused:

anyway…just asking out of curiosity, seems a pity to release a majoar league DAW with a simple fault like this…
everything in this update is brill for me…so happy about that… :smiley:

best, Kevin :smiley:

Beta testing, or rather the quality and scope of beta testing depends on many criteria, obviously the larger the group the more potential qualitative data can be obtained… what we don’t know is on what hardware steiny conduct their testing on.
Ok opening up to a wider range of hardware configs would cause more work, but on the other hand it would highlight more potential problems… mind you saying that there do seem to be many issues on mac based systems too which aren’t purely related to which OS/interface is being run…

Personally i think there SHOULD be a public beta program for those who wish to partake… MANY other companies run them routinely… of course there should also be a caveat emptor clause as it would be a beta… i’m sure many of us who aren’t dependent on cubase to make a living would gladly help to develop the software we all know and love… perhaps worth conducting a poll to see who would be up for it?

Maybe the beta testers have just grown old and tired. I have been a beta tester for a networking software, and it was exiting and fun to hunt down anomalies and get a really stable product. But after a while the bug reports got really tiresome to fill out. And like anything else it is easy to loose interest, now that everything I wanted from the program was done, there was simply no end in sight. I felt like I was getting lazy, and dropped out. There is however a certain prestige in being a beta tester and knowing more than you can tell. That could be enough motivation for someone not to drop out and keep going, where some fresh eyes would probably be better.