soft e-lecensor keeps getting corrupt !!


looks like the information about your hard drive is changed or have you changed a motherboard?


nope, didn’t touch any hardware at all.

this is not the first time this happened.

but it seems like it started happening after I installed ‘team viewer’. maybe that’s what’s causing it ?

stupid E-licenser. brings more problems than it solves.

bingo…TV will do it i suspect that may be your problem.

TV and many if not most remote control apps disable aero graphics during a session for sure and possibly even when just loaded and running. this would result in cubase 8 NOT starting as it needs aero graphics. perhaps include a “switch to classic display” feature?


now I wish I hadn’t updated to Cubase 8 from 6.5!!!

Hi 01w,

if you have your licenses on the USB-eLicenser, then you don’t need a Soft-eLicenser. In that case, you can just delete it and will never have issues with it.

All you have to do is delete this file:

Hope this helps!