soft e-licenser activation

Hi, I’m in Australia and I downloaded Cubase 7 yesterday and was sent a confirmation email and activation code. When I go to enter the activation code I get an error message saying ‘your soft e-licenser product code is not unique’. I’ve tried several different options to correct this but I cannot successfully activate. Can anyone assist me with this?

Unfortunately, I probably can’t be much help but, it sounds like your Soft eLicenser (on the hard drive, which holds your products licenses) does not have a unique serial number. Do you have any licenses currently on that eLicenser? The standard tricks to try are to make sure you have the latest version of eLicenser Control Center and try the “Maintenance” function. If those don’t work, hopefully someone will reply but I would submit support ticket.

Soft-eLicenser? Just to cover the obvious, you do have a USB-eLicenser? You do mean the “full” Cubase 7?