Soft eLicencer/ Cubase AI 12 upgrade


I have an issue with soft eLicencer. I used Cubase AI 11 and recently I downloaded the softwear to another computer, which is not mine. I reactivated the soft eLicencer I got another licence number but now I can not use Cubase AI on my computer while I deleted from the other computer. The old eLicence number is still bound to my computer and I can’t refresh the new licence number. I re-istalled everything for several times. I tried to re-activate, but the soft eLicencer program claims it is already used. How can I unbound the licence number from the computer? Or how can I get another number?

My other problem is I would like to upgrade to Cubase AI 12 and as I now it is possible, but I don’t now how? I used Cubase AI because I have a Steinberg audio interface.

Is anyone who can help me, because the Steinberg Support doesn’t answer me and it’s really frustrating. I used to have access to the softwear, but now I can’t use.