Soft-eLicense in USB-elicense, cant move back

Making a post to see if this problem can be solved without having to call in. I bought Cuebase 11 over a year ago. When I received the soft license, I was not able to use it until the usb licenser arrived. Knowing I was allowed limited license moves, I impatiently put it on a colleagues usb licenser to use it and then moved it onto mine when it arrived. Now I’m realizing that in order for me to upgrade to 12, I would need the soft license. only issue is, is that its on my usb license and cant be moved back. Has anyone else delt with this? If so how were you able to resolve the issue?


It’s not possible to move a license from the USB-eLicenser back to the Soft-eLicenser. It’s designed like this by purpose.

But you can update your Cubase from the USB-eLicenser to Cubase 12. You said it’s not possible. Why? Which activation step doesn’t work for you? Which Cubase 11 edition do you own?