Soft elicenser doesn't work in Windows 10 home on new laptop


I recently installed Cubase 11 AI and it’s accompanying elicenser using a download access code that came with a Yamaha MOXF8 keyboard. I have been unable to open Cubase 11 AI even one time because the elicenser doesn’t work, and Steinberg support has not been able to solve the problem. I spent two hours chatting with them, did everything they suggested, and they said they would email me but haven’t, despite my emailing them several times.

What happens is when I start Cubase 11 AI, a popup appears that says,
“eLicenser POS Error Message
An error has been signaled by the Protected Object Server:
File SYNSOACC.DLL could not be located in the Windows system folders”

I wanted to get Cubase 11 pro but I’m concerned I will not be able to use it because the eLicenser won’t work on my computer, and then I’ll just end up wasting more time trying to get a refund from support that takes weeks to email you back. I have a deadline for a composing/production project that is fast approaching and I need a solution asap. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I’m running Windows 10 Home version 10.0.19041 on an Acer Nitro 5 AN515-54-728C
I’ve already reinstalled the elicenser several times, restarted the computer, and performed maintenance tasks whenever prompted by the eLicenser. The license shows up in the eLicense control center.

Hi and welcome on the forum,

There are multiple threads about the POS issue with the eLCC here on the forum. Could you search for it, please? Hopefully one will contain a solution for you.

I don’t see them. Can you link one that contains a solution or summarize the solution here? Thanks

There’s a help page on the main website:-

Just note that it’s advised to UNINSTALL the eLicnser control center before installing again - are you doing that? I’d uninstall and restart the machine, just to be sure also. Maybe also right click the installer and run as administrator to ensure it has the full rights.

And here’s an example of searching the forum for help on this subject:

One other thing, do you have any custom properties selected for the Cubase shortcut that you’re running on your machine? I’ve seen strange issues like this when people have the main Cubase app set to run as admin when troubleshooting, so ensure you haven’t got that ticked.

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