Soft-eLicenser: eLicenser name No products found on this eLicenser

Hi all,
Trying to re-activate my license to a new PC with windows 11, as my old one was fried.
I am following the relevant instructions for reactivation but I receive the following message: “Currently, there is no valid Steinberg product license found on this eLicenser.”

Original buy Cybase Elements 10.5

Upgraded to Cubase Elements 11

Upgraded to Cubase Elements 12

Is there anyone who can help me ? I made a support request 10 days ago but did not have any answer.


Cubase 12 no longer uses the eLicenser. Please download Cubase 12 by using the Steinberg Download Assistant, then sign-in through the Steinberg Activation Manager to activate your license.

As for your Cubase Elements 11 license, please make sure that it’s listed here, and click the big Reactivate button at the top:

Hi thanks for your reply ,

I downloaded Cubase 12, but when I open Steinberg Activation Manager and I sign in I see no products to activate. Not sure if the jpeg is visible.

Same thing with Cubase 11 in the relevant page I see no products to reactivate.

Thanks again

I suspect that you’re signed into the wrong MySteinberg account. Please note that the Steinberg Shop and MySteinberg accounts are separate. You may have made a new account by mistake recently.


Sorry for coming back on this but I received a notification that I need to reactivate my account.
When I click on the link and then enter the activation code, I receive the following message:

On the activation manager the status is verification pending.
Can you please help me?

Please take a screenshot of your eLicenser Control Center with the serial numbers hidden and which upgrade you purchased according to your purchase confirmation email/receipt.

If you don’t see a Cubase Elements license in the eLicenser Control Center, please contact Steinberg Support and provide proof of purchase of your previous Cubase Elements license (before you attempted to upgrade to 12).

this is what I see in the license control center, what should I write to support, I had already opened a support request #511997 since September 29 but no one answered to me.
Receipts from initial purchase and upgrades (from elements 10.5 to 12) are available and can be shared

Have they bothered to reply to you yet?

I called them on the phone they were super helpful and resolved my case.

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I think I have been dealing with the same issue. Bought and downloaded 11 pro last year but because the usb licenser didnt arrive yet, I impatiently moved the license from the soft license to my bandmembers usb license, and then back to my usb license when it arrived. now when i try to activate 12 pro it wont let me cause it says i dont have a license to apply it to. yet i still have my 11 pro license in the usb and can still use it. im going back and fourth emailing them hoping to see if they have an answer, but i might as well chime in here to see if any new info or solutions arise.