Soft-eLicenser message

I didn’t know where to post this so here goes. I have Prologue and padshop AU instruments licenses that I moved from soft-eLicenser to a hardware dongle and I changed computer recently. Everytime i open a project with any of those 2 synths I get 2 messages in a row about my system’s changes and that hardware eLicensers are not affected.

I can’t seem to be able to delete the soft eLicensers from my system even though I don’t need them anymore. Is there a way to remove that? Thanks


I had a problem similar to yours. I changed my graphics card and then got messages that my system had changed and my soft-eLicenses would no longer work even though I never had used any soft-eLicenses. The problem never went away until I reloaded my Complete Windows 10 OS.

Thanks for the reply. Not encouraging!! No big deal but it’s a bit annoying.