soft elicenser not allowing activation of artist 9

I am on a pc using Windows 10. The soft elicenser won’t let me activate the program. I followed every suggestion on this page

I did everything suggested, but I STILL CANT ACTIVATE MY SOFTWARE!! HELP PLEASE!!

Cubase Artist 9 requires a USB eLicenser and will not work with the Soft eLicenser. This is clearly stated in the Steinberg shop if upgrading from a Cubase version like Elements or less.

You can purchase one here…

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I did not purchase this from Steinberg, I bought it from Guitar Center.

If you purchased a download version from the GC website it clearly states you need the USB eLicenser. If you purchased at a store then I have no idea what they say or what it says on the Cubase box. Regardless, Cubase Artist 9 works with a USB eLicenser not a Soft eLicenser and if the version you purchased did not come with one then you need to purchase one.

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