Soft-eLicenser not needed anymore - How to remove?

Hi, this is not a big deal or anything, but I still want these removed…

I’m talking about the two Soft-eLicensers on Steinberg website “My Products” that I don’t have anymore. I’d guess they are connected to the two other computers that I don’t use anymore and have thrown away years ago… I’d guess these two Soft-eLicensers are “attached” to the harddrives on these two computers, I dont have any licenses on them though… I’ve put all my Steinberg on my three usb dongles instead, connected to my three computers that I currently have/use.

Anyway to remove the Soft-eLicensers that I dont use/have anymore?

Sidenote: p.s. shouldnt there be a special forum for this kind of topics that isnt strict Cubase related?

/kind regards, Robin Gardner

If you’re talking about what you see in the website account – I think you can’t remove it. I suppose tech support might be able to, but is it worth the effort?

I guess not, no they have better things to do! :slight_smile:

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as do you!

Yes but I like things to be correct.

Me two! :wink:

I suppose you could create a second Steinberg account, “sell” yourself all your licenses (resale wizard), register the dongle(s) in the new account, and abandon the old one…

Sounds like a workaround Id never thought about, I keep that in mind! Thanks! :grinning:

You’re welcome!