Soft-eLicenser partial Reactivation

Is it possible to transfer to a new PC just one of several licenses stored on a Soft-eLicenser, while retaining the other licenses on the previous Soft-eLicenser? I’m asking because on my MySteinberg page (Reactivate section) I get this:

“Please select the Soft-eLicenser you intend to reactivate. You will receive new Activation Codes for all contained product licenses to download them again via the eLicenser Control Center after a reinstallation of the operating system or the switch to a new computer.”

So, what happens to the old Soft-eLicenser and to the remaining licenses on it, if I use just one of the received new Activation Codes to download the license to the new Soft-eLicenser?
Will the old licenses remain active on the old Soft-eLicenser?

Many thanks.



The licenses become inactive until you activate them again. This should allow you to pick which computers you want to activate them on.

Thanks Romantique TP, that makes sense. May I also ask about the old Soft-eLicenser on the original PC? Does it stay active, or is it discarded after Reactivation?

I think it stays active.

Don’t forget to register your new Soft-eLicenser to your MySteinberg. This will allow you to reactivate the licenses again if needed.


the Soft-eLicenser becomes ‘deprecated’ when you reactivate

To make it work properly:

– Reactivate the Soft-eLicenser (this will provide always provide ACs for each product contained)
– Run the eLicenser Installation Helper on the old machine (this will delete the Soft-eLicenser and the licenses contained)
– Activate each license on the machine you’d like to use

Hope it helps

Well…thanks Fabio, invaluable info!

Additional warning for anyone following Fabio’s instructions: I’ve found that just by double-clicking to run the eLicenser Installation Helper utility, the old Soft-eLicenser (and all the contained licenses) is then deleted, without any confirmation warnings. So, be extra-careful!

Anyway, I confirm no problem if the old Soft-eLicenser and all the contained licenses were already registered on MySteinberg: then you can request the new Activation Codes by Reactivating the old Soft-eLicenser (maybe the terminology is a little misleading here…)