Soft elicenser problem !


I bought a soft license for Cubase 8 a year ago. I am using Windows 10.

I have a soft elicenser that was working until today. I activated it using the key given to me on mysteinberg.

I am french and I live in Paris, I will translate the error messages I am getting :
When I try to start Cubase : “No valid license, the program will be closed”
I then try to (re)activate license : “Error : close all applications”

This is not the first issue I have had using elicenser. While I am happy with the software, this licensing issue is very frustrating and extremely time consuming.

Thanks in advance for your HELP !

Hi, I also have a problem with soft eLicencer, but a little different.
Maybe you’ll have a solution?

The error messages I am getting :
“currently there is no eLicenser connected to your computer. Please connect a USB eLicenser to your computer. Alternatively, re-install your product to create a Soft-eLicenser.”

Well, things looks like this:
1.I don’t have any USB eLicenser.
2.I have already re-installed my eLicecer and it didn’t help

I don’t know if I should re-install also my Cubase?
Or maybe I should get somehow a soft eLicenser?
I have no idea what else can I do :frowning:
I would be grateful for your help :slight_smile:

After Cubase shut down all of a sudden, I rebooted my computer and encountered the error of “no valid eLicenser” Have you resolved your issue? I contacted Steinberg this morning, waiting for a response.

I have the same problem, I hadnt used Cubase for a while and started it up and it said enter activation code. Went to enter the activation code I already had and it said it had already been used. Tried updating the elicenser and no good. Going around in circles and it seems there is nowhere in Steinberg to go and get it sorted out. Any help appreciated.

Update! I have this USB hub plugged into my MacPro:
and the eLicenser is plugged into the hub. This was working fine for some weeks but now the Mac Pro fails every time trying to find the eLicenser dongle. So I plugged the dongle directly into the MacPro and voila! It is recognized. Have no idea why this hub decided to fail to work with Cubase, but there it is–otherwise this hub works fine.

Side note: the eLicenser’s build quality is pretty poor, as mine is already splitting at the seams–now taped together. Guess I need a new one.