Soft-Elicenser (SeL) missing?

Here’s a link to all the info needed regarding a missing SeL.
In rare cases, the Soft-eLicenser cannot be created during the installation. If the Soft-eLicenser is missing the activation code needed for the permanent activation of the program cannot be requested. Downloading licenses is also not possible without a Soft-eLicenser (unless a USB-eLicenser is connected).

Soft-eLicenser (virtual license container) is missing

  • Licenses for many Steinberg programs are stored in the so called Soft-eLicenser, a virtual license container on the hard disk.
  • Each Soft-eLicenser has a unique number which is required for the software registration and license activation.
  • The Soft-eLicenser is represented by a hard disk symbol in the eLicenser Control Center - the license managing tool used by all Steinberg programs.
  • The eLicenser Control Center can be found under Applications (Mac) resp. Programs (Windows).


Problem: missing Soft-eLicenser

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