Soft eLicenser Transfer

I have WaveLab Pro 9 on a USB dongle of course, but I also have a license for WaveLab Elements incase I need to open up a file quickly to analyze it or something and don’t have the USB dongle with me.

I am going to get a new laptop soon and I didn’t see anything obvious in the eLicenser app that allowed you to deactivate a license and eventually move it to another computer.

Does anybody have any advice or info on this?

You have to reactivate the license through the MySteinberg account, check here:


What a great idea. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this.

Yeah. Some weeks I swear that half the battle is just trying to get mixes from clients that aren’t already slammed with a peak-limiter, so the more easily and quickly I can just open and analyze incoming files from home or wherever the better, and with Elements I don’t have to worry about the USB key.