Soft licence missing on eLCC

Trying to reinstall an already-activated Cubase LE5 (upgraded OS from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 8 Pro). I have the activation code and my soft elicense code, both of which are found on MySteinberg. However, my eLCC (eLC version does not display my current soft elicense. I thought it was still among my program files when I reinstalled all the files after the Windows 8 upgrade. I tried reactivating it, as well, via MySteinberg, but it says one of the numbers is old.

What am I missing here?

This might help … ?

Woohoo! It worked. It created a new soft elicenser. Printed the article just in case. Thank you very much…Scab. lol

Great user name. :slight_smile:

:sunglasses: Glad you got it working.

Yeah, the whole Scab Pickens thing still kinda cracks me up :slight_smile: .