Soft Licenser Upgrade Failing

Hi. Upgrading to Dorico 2. E-Licenser upgrade fails with this error:

The Soft-eLicenser stored on this computer doesn’t seem to have been created on this computer.

Dorico 1 was installed on this computer and working fine. I’m locked out. Any suggestions? – Ken

Try running e-licencer control center as administrator. It sounds like the soft e-licencer may be broken by OS or HW changes.

If that doesn’t help, I’d follow this article:

You may need to reactivate Dorico 1.x as well. Procedure documented here:

Once you’re sure you have Dorico 1.x running cleanly, you should be able to use the upgrade activation for Dorico 2.


I had to run the eLicencer Controller several times and even uninstall and re-install the Dorico 2 upgrade before suddenly it all worked. No idea why. Maybe just Gremlins.

Derek, I had to go into a Live Chat, where I was given a new Activation Code. That solved the problem.