Softube Acoustic Feedback problem

When I open the VST (or VST3) Softube Acoustic Feedback, Cubase Pro 10 crash (closes really). I can use the plugin with Cubase Pro 9 and WaveLab Pro 9.5 without problem. Any solution?


Crash too with Autotune, Elysia Alpha Master, Altiverb 7… Problem with some VST.

Yup. Autotune, all Softube plugins, Kush Cariphonic and Electra… hope they’'ll fix it.

Confirmed. Softtube plugins causing crashes. My Kush plugins are refusing to load into slots too

I am using Windows 10 version 1809 - OS build 17763.134: I opened a project and inserted multiple Softube plugins - Vst 3 and Vst 2 together and had no problems or crashing.

I’m also on Windows 10 Version 1809

I use a lot of softube plugins, they work fine. do you guys have the latest versions?

All fine here also with Softtube


I’m on Windows 10 with the latest updates, my plugins are up to date too. I tried unninstalling and reinstalling VST2 and VST3 Softube plugins like @RuffRider said, but Cubase 10 still crashes immediately upon opening them. Same with Kush and Auto-tune.
I really hope they’ll fix the issue, knowing that there are a lot of people with this problem as far as I read so far.