Softube Console 1 mkii vs CC121

They are both out there for a while - what is your impressions with the two? how did it made your workflow faster? what knows issues?

I really want one on those - I wan’t to mix my track on-the-fly quickly and with my ears instead of eyes. which one should I get?

I have no experience with the CC121. I think you should give Console 1 a try, I really like it. Watch these videos, I found them really helpful.

I have no experience with either of these, but do know that they’re 2 completely different things. :thinking:

With the CC121 you can control more things. However it is more work to get it t here. Console1 is more ready to go, or does not work at all. Eg anything except softube or UAD. While CC121 works fine with waves and fabfilter (and uad and softube) For cubase 9.5 there was commercials about “fully integrated” support. That has not happen. Both are great, but steinberg does not let them shine, with better software they could be pro grade stuff.