Softube Console1/Console Fader Quick control

Is there already a quick control script for Softube consoles for Cubase 12?

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What exactly do you expect, please? Quick Controls don’t need any script.

Sorry, wrong question. I meant midi remote script!


Isn’t the device Mackie Control compatible by any chance?

I’m curious, what are you looking to achieve with a script for it? Not liking the Console 1 features?

Honestly I dont like it much, especially cause you need to switch pages and it only qorks with softube products. If you could configure the knobs for other applications/plugins, it would be much more useful.

Well if you quit the softube console 1 application it will send and receive MIDI. I did some short proof of concepts with mine before. There’s no documentation for this, as it’s not really the intended way to use it, and the normal softube console 1 app speaks sysex only.
But again, try quitting the Console 1 app and you’ll see that it both sends and receives MIDI CC. I doubt you’ll find a script, or anyone willing to make one easily, as most people are really pleased with the C1 ecosystem, myself included :slight_smile:

But yeah, quit the app, start analysing it with MIDI Monitor, and then start testing which MIDI does what when you send MIDI to it.
Bear in mind this will not be super easy, as you may need to use multiple MIDI CC’s to control the same led on certain controls and so on… again this is not a support mode of operation, and thus entirely undocumented (at least by Softube).
Seeing as the faders are motorized, and it uses endless encoders, you will need to make a lot of work with the javascript API for this. It will not be possible with the mapping assistant.

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why can’t we use the cartographic assistant?