Softube plugin issues in Cubase 11

So I received a complementary plug in suite from Sweden based Softube when I purchased my Focusrite 18i20 interface & installed them no problems. The issue is I go to use one of any of the four effects it comes with as an insert FX & when I close the display/ edit box after I either choose a preset or change a setting, it will shut Cubase down completely. Has anyone else encountered a situation like this? What can be done? This is vexing to say the least. Thanks…


Most probably it will be on the plug-in side.

Could you attach *.crash/dmp file, please?

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I got this plugin too and played around with it a bit and did not see this issue (on a Mac).

Let me see…I’ve been unable to work on this stuff due to some serious lack of time right now with work…but thanks for reaching out!!

Yeah…I’m on a PC running Win 10 OS…it’s vexing to say the least