Software Based Sounds and Cubase

I was wondering how software based sounds works with Cubase 6? The only sounds I have ever used were from sound modules… Would I need another computer to house a large (or even medium size) sound library?? My computer is a custom build and is really fast so perhaps I can make it work having the sounds on an external drive? Or would you suggest to have the sounds located on an internal drive (maybe giving the computer quicker access)?? If anyone has suggestions or recommendations on how I could use software based sounds and maybe suggestions on which packages work well with Cubase I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Also about set-up, is it difficult to acquaint Cubase with the sound palette?? How does Cubase see the sounds? I am also afraid of latency… Seems like there is always a bit of latency whenever I have tried using software based sounds… I used Garritan Personal Orchestra years ago and there was always a bit of latency so I stopped using it. Any suggestions or recommendations greatly appreciated!

PC Windows 7 Intel Core i7 processor 3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz
16GB Ram 64bit Professional Operating System
Cubase VST, 5 & 6
Wavelab 7
Motu 2408mk3 + Motu 2408mk1 - Motu MTPAV

Start by reading the chapter “VST instruments and instrument tracks” in the manual…!?

That’s a very broad question, what type of sounds are you looking at?
If your computer can easily handle the projects you do now, you should be able to run a number of VSTi’s on it. If you ever find you run out of resources you can always look at expanding your setup with more computers, but that’s really only something people with very high demands need to do.
If you are getting a lot of sample libraries, you might see an increase in performance when placing them on a separate harddrive. Make sure it’s a 7200rpm or higher one, so the read speeds are high enough.

How difficult it is to use? You can try that yourself. There are plenty of VSTi included in Cubase so why don’t you play around with them, there is a fair chance they include the sounds you are looking for anyway :slight_smile:.

As for latency, yes, when playing a VSTi live from your controller keyboard, there will be some latency based on your current ASIO buffer size. Bring it down if your system can handle it when playing if it bothers you. However during playback there is no latency there. Well there is, but it’s the same as for your regular audio tracks so noone will ever know :sunglasses: